The Northern Bobwhite, the state game bird, is non-migatory indicator species that is native to Tennessee. In this project, I propose northern bobwhites as the main protagonist for a once-flooded sector of downtown Nashville. A direct response to the 2010 Flood, "Aviary Indicators for Remidiary Species" re-imagines an industrial-commercial site prone to flooding as an rehabitated poplar-grassland, suggesting a new urban landscape typology. 

This second year studio project suffers a little bit from inconsistency and post-rationalization. The majority of the studio was focused on using phytotechnology as an intervention strategy. To be honest, the bobwhites were introduced later in the project. While that gap hasn't been mended in this version of the project, I am really proud of the research I've done and the skills I've learned during this semester. 
Ideological spirit behind the agricultural protagonists chosen during this semester.
Left: The site during the 2010 Flood. Right: Existing pollution conditions. 
Plant cards describing the characteristic of each remidiatory strategist. 

Formal exploration of landforms through virtual analysis and physical model (3d printing). 
Typing the formal exploration and remediation research together, until a certain bird caught my eyes...
The yearly life cycle of a northern bobwhite overlayed on meteorological data of Nashville. 
Plan view of the 120 are site and the surrounding the neighboring downtown Nashville. 
Sectional timeline on how to remediate thesite, through vegetation first. 
Overall project timeline and vision. Click to see full version. 
Different layers of the site and connections to its urban context. 
Catalog of different landform and building typologies occupying the site. 
Oblique of site - post-remediation and occupation.

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