In hindsight, what seems to have been a strike of manic lust of BLOBS struck young CHLOE REEVES and SUE CHOI in the Materials & Constructions course taught by Andrew Madl. Fascinated by midcentury technology and forms, the two chose to recreate iconic furniture of the 20th century. Held back only by finances, time, and worries of lung cancer, the two set to work on creating the FIBERGLASS CHAIR. 
The result was an extremely unflattering and grotesque structure capable of holding both young designers, but not much more. The chair represented many decisions, most of which did not quite come into the material world (or did so with a coat of raw fiberglass). The fear of lung cancer - that darn cancer - lead to the disposal of the chair, but the memories and experience of "we did it" still live on. (And these pictures do, too. Let me know if you want me to take these down, Chloe.) 

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